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Hi! Kura here! This is my personal (somewhat) active (very) multi-fandom (99% fan)art Tumblr! Feel free to check out the tags list for easy navigation and #arukart for art only!

I draw a lot of teensy cutsie things for sometimes. If you're interested in charms and buttons and keychains, I sell those on storenvy! If you're interested in prints and phone covers and whatnot, those are available on society6! Thanks for any support!

Geass Lelouch (esp. Suzalulu)
HXH Killua
and the occasional ♛ Kurobasu

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Ahhh I’ve been super busy these days so I don’t have a lot of new stuff to post. ゜(´□`。)°゜

I did make a SuzaLulu tile background for my Twitter though! (Right when they pushed the new Twitter profile…) Feel free to use it if you want~! (๑╹ڡ╹๑)

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Aha if you follow either my Hipstagram or my Twitter you might have noticed that I spent all day yesterday packaging pre-orders for charms!! TBH this was probably not a very productive use of my time but the end result was really cute. Also my cat came to help me out here and there so I guess it was fun.

Anyway, I shipped out half the orders earlier! I’m afraid I didn’t finish packaging them for mail by the time I had to leave the house so I’ll ship the rest of them out tomorrow. Please wait for them patiently in the mail~! ♥

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HEY so clearly I should make more text posts complaining about the post because my charms arrived today!! The quality is really lovely and I’m super pleased with the way they came out! I’ll be mailing them out on Monday so those of you who pre-ordered from me please wait a little bit longer! Thank you!!

ALSO, my package arrived with a few extras for each charm so I’ve made them available for sale! Stock is super limited though, and I currently have no plans to reprint any of them so uh, have at it.

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I may have done an absolutely terrible thing. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D There’s a special surprise for you if you get to 1024/2048 as well!



(Also: spoiler alert for Code Geass.)

Reblog from my main but I thought some of you guys might appreciate this HA HA… HA HA HA… I am a reprehensible human being.

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CCLulu for Eggy because ♥! Charms of this uh…eventually. Next batch.
AS USUAL, I should never post immediately after finishing something because there’s ALWAYS something I want to fix. Anyway, fixed! Mostly CC but some adjustments made to Lelouch as well.

(But for real, brotp4lyfe. I just want these two to have SHENANIGANS forever. Why, Sunrise. WHY.)
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Artist asks GO!

1: Take a picture of your workspace.
2: Show your pencil case and what's inside.
3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.
4: Lineart or coloring?
5: Who/what inspires you?
6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
7: Do you have any OCs?
8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
9: Favorite thing to draw?
10: Least favorite thing to draw?
11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
12. Any weird artist behavior you admit doing?
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My contribution for the Eternal Bonds fanbook! Thank you so much Lowah for putting it together and to everyone who supported us. :’)

I’ll bet you don’t know what I ship in that game! I’m really, really unpredictable.

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OKAY SO like I said in this post, I updated my Avengers and Detective Conan charm-design buttons recently! That means I have a number of leftovers of the old version that I’m not going to be selling anymore.

SO I’m giving these away to anyone with an open order at my shop who likes Avengers or Detective Conan! First come first served, etc. I know many of you have pre-orders for the 2” charms with me so if you happen to like either series (or know somebody who does) and would like to have some of these buttons for free, drop me a line and I’ll send some with whatever you bought!

♛ If you already have an open order with me, contact me with your order number and just say you want either my free Avengers or Conan buttons! (Or both, I don’t mind doing that either.)
♛ If I shipped your order uh, today, (since you guys just missed this offer) and you would have liked some of these free buttons, also contact me with your order number and I’ll ship it out to you free of charge.
♛ Offer open until they’re gone so if you order something after you see this post this is an available option!

UPDATE: I’m all out of Avengers buttons but I still have Detective Conan buttons left to give out!

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My Code Geass button set is now available for sale~!

♛ Order them individually here!
♛ Or order a full set here!
♚ If you purchase the full set of 7, you’ll also get a bonus Jeremiah button that you can’t purchase individually.

♛ (Pins? Buttons? Badges? We call them pins/buttons in the US but I think these are called badges across the pond in Asia/Australia. In any case they look like this on the back.)

♚ If you’re also interested in getting the pins but would like to combine the shipping, please contact me with your pre-order ID number and I will give you a discount code to apply to a new order!

♚ Keep in mind that if you ask to have shipping combined, these buttons will ship out with the cellcharms in April! If you’d like them to ship out earlier, please just order the way you normally would.
Thank you so much for any interest and for your support!
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Hello! Thank you so much for all the new followers recently! I’m currently working on finishing a core set of Code Geass buttons which I’m hoping to have ready before the end of the weekend! (If the character you like best isn’t here don’t worry, they’re likely scribbled down in my plans here on Twitter.)

I’ve also gone back and made some edits to my old set of Avengers and Detective Conan buttons since I didn’t really like the argyle pattern they used to have. These are the versions that are now available on my store. This leaves me with a number of extras of the old version which I guess I’ll uh, hold some sort of giveaway for soon because I’m also starting to accumulate a terrifying number of test pins.

Oh and pre-orders for my 2” charms are still open! I’ll probably reblog the pre-order info post every few days or so as a reminder. Please forgive me if you’ve already seen it before and signal boosting is of course greatly appreciated!

Thank you~!

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